Armillaria Network 

Given its large resource base, the Company’s top priority is to implement new projects in order to increase production volumes. These projects involve both development of new fields and intensification of production at mature fields through the use of modern technologies and an increase in production drilling and in the number of enhanced oil recovery operations.

In order to introduce advanced developments and increase the efficiency of production processes Armillaria created electronic platforms where any supplier of technologies and equipment – from large enterprises and industry institutes to small organizations and individuals – can offer their developments for use in the company. A prerequisite for consideration is that the proposal is highly elaborated, ready for testing in order to confirm its benefits and application today or in the near future.

Armillaria’s corporate practices are designed to provide shareholders and investors with confidence in the performance of their investments and the long-term and confident growth of shareholder value. Armillaria adheres to an advanced dividend policy, recognizing dividends as a key indicator of shareholder investment appeal, and seeks to increase dividends based on consistent growth of business profitability.