Armillaria Network

The company’s growth and development is based on customer satisfaction along with the highest quality of service.

Armillaria Network, founded in 2018, is engaged in the sale and distribution of construction materials, contributing to the development of the non-oil sector in the Republic of Azerbaijan. The main objective of the company, known for its continuous development, high quality and professionalism since its foundation, is to support the rapid development of Azerbaijan with modern architectural and construction projects, rising to the level of a leading company in the field of local construction, fully meeting the requirements of modern development.

Armillaria Network cooperates with more than 70 corporate clients, including large construction companies. The company has participated as a partner company in a number of major construction projects in our country. In 2019, Armillaria Network received a license to operate in the field of construction and is engaged in the construction and repair of residential and non-residential facilities. At the same time, the company closely follows all the innovations in the field of architecture and construction and successfully introduces innovative methods and technologies, both at the design and construction stages.